Short film competition
July 2024
Amphitheater Arena Sveti Vlas

Welcome to Sveti Vlas Film Fest

The glamorous event that pays tribute to the richness and diversity of Bulgarian cinema. Here, under the starry sky of Sveti Vlas, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the unique world of Bulgarian films, meet your favorite actors and experience unforgettable moments. Come and enjoy this cinematic journey!


The passion for the seventh art

For the third year in a row, Dinevi Group in partnership with New Boyana Film Studios organizes an event with a varied program of screenings and events to satisfy the tastes of all cinema enthusiasts. Gathering filmmakers, critics and fans in the atmosphere of a shared passion for the seventh art, Sveti Vlas Film Fest not only promotes the work of established professionals, but also serves as a platform for emerging talents.


Competition for a short film shot with a Samsung phone

For anyone who has a passion for cinema and a desire to get involved, regardless of age, education, professional orientation.

Application period:
01.05 – 30.06.2024



A short film competition for movies shot with a Samsung phone

Open for anyone with a passion for cinema and desire to participate, regardless of age, education, or professional background.

Application period:
01.05 – 15.06.2024


Плакат: Уроците на Блага

Blaga's Lessons

Bulgaria | 2023 | 113 min | Director: Stefan Komandarev

not recommended for persons under 12 years of age
Evening competition program
July 3, 21:00
Amphitheater Arena
FREE ENTRY, until capacity is filled
Плакат: Пулсът на танца


Bulgaria | 2023 | 97 min | Directed by: Georgi Kostov

no age restrictions
Evening competition program
July 4, 21:00
Amphitheater Arena
FREE ENTRY, until capacity is filled
Плакат: Диада


Bulgaria | 2023 | 89 min | Director: Yana Titova

not recommended for persons under 14 years of age
Evening competition program
July 5, 21:00
Amphitheater Arena
FREE ENTRY, until capacity is filled
Плакат: Чалга


Bulgaria | 2023 | 100 min | Directed by: Marian Valev

not recommended for persons under 14 years of age
Evening competition program
July 6, 21:00
Amphitheater Arena
FREE ENTRY, until capacity is filled

We are delighted to present the SVFF program of films, premieres and events. Choose your titles, we are waiting for you!

Expect soon the program and the titles that will participate in the upcoming edition of Sveti Vlas Fim Fest 2024


This year again, the jury of the Sveti Vlas Film Fest features a team of eminent cinema experts, including award-winning directors, famous actors and influential figures in the film industry.

Assoc. Dr. Deyan Statulov
/ Chairman

Д-р Деян Статулов е доцент в Института за изследване на изкуствата при Българска академия на науките (БАН). Научните му интереси са свързани с историята на българското кино, цензурата и пропагандата по време на социализма. Бил е сценарист и редактор на телевизионни предавания и формати, главен редактор на фестивалния вестник на „Международен София Филм Фест“ и „Златна роза“, както и програмен директор на „Дом на киното“ в София (2013–2015). Преподавател по история на киното в театрален колеж „Любен Гройс“ – София. През 2022 г. получава наградата на СБФД „Васил Гендов“ за оперативна критика. Носител на наградата за най-значимо научно постижение на ИИИзк за 2022 г. за книгата „(Не)възможната свобода. Идеологическата цензура в българското игрално кино (1948 – 1989)“. През 2024 получава наградата на СБФД „Васил Гендов“ за книгата „(Пре)поръчани филми“.

Bashar Rahal

Bulgarian actor, present in the ranks of the “Tear and Laughter” theater. Bashar Rahal became 100% recognizable by Bulgarian viewers after his participation in the series “Glass House”, he also received one of the main roles in the series “The Tree of Life”, and entered the house of the comedy series “House Arrest”. He also successfully coped with his role as the host of the popular sci-fi series “Great Mysteries” in Los Angeles, where he appeared in more than 20 American productions, among them “Unit”, “The Squad”, “Frozen Death” and one of the most the most watched and most expensive series of all time – “24”.

Niki Iliev

Niki Iliev is the director and screenwriter of the films “The Foreigner”, “Living Legends”, “Knockout or Everything She Wrote”, “The Return”, “The Return Part 2” and “Wingless”, which is expected to premiere in 2024 .

Director of the TV series “House Arrest”, “Dear Heirs”, “Downtown Cops”, “The Closet”, “Brothers”, “With a River in the Heart” and “Walk of Fame”.

He participated as an actor in Bulgarian and foreign productions such as “Ashes on the Sun”, “The Pulse of the Dance”, “It’s Never Just Sex”, “The Foreigner”, “Living Legends”, “Return” and others.

Since 2015, he has been a main lecturer in film directing at the New Bulgarian University.

Димитър Гочев
Dimitar Gochev

Dimitar Gochev is a director and producer, among his projects are the films “Ave”, “Stoichkov”, “Revolution X”, as well as the series “Undercover”, “Glass House”.

Ivan Garelov

Bulgarian journalist and TV presenter. He started working as an editor in “Narodna Vladje” v., and then gained experience in BTA. In 1973, he joined BNT as a reporter. During these years, he realized a number of documentaries from hot spots on the planet.


on actual events

A rich program of accompanying events complements the exciting atmosphere of the Sveti Vlas Film Fest.

We present to you our extensive program of accompanying events to complement the exciting atmosphere of the Sveti Vlas Film Fest.


AH, this Vlas!

Saint Vlas is the pearl of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, where nature meets history in an unforgettable experience. With its gorgeous beaches, crystal clear waters and captivating sea views, it offers the perfect scene for your next vacation.

the festival over the years

See how from its humble beginnings, Sveti Vlas Film Fest has grown into an event that is eagerly awaited by audiences and critics alike, and today is a true celebration of the best of Bulgarian cinema.

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Immerse yourself in the magic of the event through the lens of our photographers and enjoy the visual narrative of the Sveti Vlas Film Fest.