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Sveti Vlas


Sveti Vlas: where the view goes from the attractive Black Sea to the imposing Stara Planina, as if on a natural big screen – Sveti Vlas Film Fest!

There were few people who believed that Dinevi Resort – Sveti Vlas would travel this long way – worldly style and entertainment, fashion and culture, cinema and stars, tourism, social evolution – which are mixed in the history of the resort town.

The connection between Sveti Vlas and the cinema was born in the previous decade, when the resort also hosted a number of film productions – Bulgarian and international. And the cultural heritage of Dinevi Resort extends far beyond cinema.


The “Bulgarian Memory – Dinevi Brothers” Foundation has created numerous historical and social sites over the past 33 years. The foundation has created in the city of Sveti Vlas the only „Alley of Nations“ in the country, in which bronze bas-reliefs of national heroes have been placed. In Sveti Vlas there is also the “Alley of Olympic Glory”, which unites the bas-reliefs of all the Bulgarian golden Olympians.

The foundation has built the largest monument to Khan Tervel in Bulgaria, erected a monument to the 28th American president Woodrow Wilson, also called the “Savior of Bulgaria”, built several chapels. With her assistance, Father Peter from the church “St. Vlasius” created the famous “Path of Faith”, on which 40 chapels dedicated to the life of Jesus Christ were built.

The foundation is currently building a “Walk of Stage Fame”. It houses bronze bas-reliefs of the most beloved Bulgarian stage artists, who made the country famous around the world – there are the images of Gena Dimitrova, Boris Hristov, Milcho Leviev, Georgi Minchev, Plamen Stavrev, Georgi Partsalev, Todor Kolev, Stoyanka Mutafova, Georgi Kaloyanchev, Stefan Danailov and others. “Walk of Stage Fame” is located in the амфитеатър „Арена Свети Влас“ built by the foundation with 600 seats. The amphitheater, which is a private initiative of the Dinevi brothers, has dozens of performances during the summer season.

The “Bulgarian Memory – Dinevi Brothers” Foundation is the host and co-organizer of several major national and international events, including the television journalism competition “Sveti Vlas”, the film forum “Sveti Vlas Film Fest”, the international beach volleyball tournament at the “Dinevi” marina from the National Circuit of Bulgaria, Premium Rally Saint Vlas, etc.